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CYPHE 26-Piece Smell Proof Smoking Kit

CYPHE 26-Piece Smell Proof Smoking Kit

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Our smell-proof smoking kit is perfect for starters, or as a gift


Lock for privacy and security: Zippers lock into a built-in combination lock for privacy and safety. The included tag explains how to set and reset your 3-digit code. 

Travel: The bag is lightweight and easy to travel. The slim profile of the bag makes it easy to store in a backpack, briefcase, or pocketbook

This high-end smoking kit contains all of the smoking essentials you need:

- One Smell-Proof Bag with Three-Number Combination Lock

  • Smell proof zipper bag has an artificial soft leather outer shell and dual compartment inner pocket which is lined with activated carbon and woven mesh fabric for maximum filtering and odor protection
  • The bag allows you to keep your smoking gear and accessories safe and protected with a built-in three-number combination zipper lock with a push-release

- One Aluminum Four-Part Metal Grinder

  • Textured grip for easy opening
  • Diamond-shaped teeth ensure that the herb is shredded to the optimal consistency
  • Scraper tool to assist in both the cleaning of the grinder as well as kief buildup
  • Magnet in the lid ensures that the lid stays attached and the contents are secure

- One Silicone Pipe Set

  • Silicone-shaped body allows for easy cleaning of the unit
  • 100% dishwasher-safe
  • The removable glass bowl is optimal for packing and combusting herb
  • Metal tool is for both cleaning and loading material in and out of the glass bowl

- Five Smell Proof Tubes

  • Tube’s oblong shape is ideal for storing cones and pre-rolled joints
  • Squeeze-to-open lid ensures a tight seal for both odor and liquid protection
  • Slim & discreet design easily fits into pocket or bag

- Five Mylar Smell Proof Bags

  • Strong sealing strip to keep odors and liquids out
  • Perfect for storing, transporting, protecting, and organizing your products
  • Durable and lightweight

- 10 Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones

  • Perfect for people who have difficulty hand-rolling, the king-size pre-rolled cones come with inserted tips, just pack them with herbs and enjoy
  • No added chalk or dyes, free from any bleach or additives
  • Paper offers a clean burn while ensuring the authentic taste of your herb

- One Silicone Rolling Tray

  • Very easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Ridged edges keep contents safe
  • Thin for easy storage and transportation
  • Durable and flexible

- One Glass Chillum // One-Hitter

  • A small bowl on one side of the pipe allows for an easy microdose
  • Slim for easy transport. Fits into smell proof tube and your pocket
  • Open ends on both sides allow for easy cleaning

- 2 Silicone Filter Tip

  • Fits onto pre-rolled cones, glass chillum, silicone pipe, and more
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Durable and flexible

Pick up one of our smoking kits, then explore the rest of our online smoke shop to get everything you need.

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